About us

La Manso is not a brand, but a girl. Cute but assertive, she has made a business out of her  everyday life. Her life, however, couldn’t be a better combination of the ordinary and the  extraordinary, the basic and the elevated, what’s trendy and what’s old fashioned. Surrounded by all kind of personnages, her days are full of anecdotes from which she spots what’s meaningful and, therefore, worthy to be immortalized.  

There can’t be just one word to define her, she represents her personality through objects,  pictures, videos, spaces, events and collaborations. This allows her to mutate, to move from one  project to another without giving explanations. Quite the opposite, this modus operandi reinforces her character and will.  

La Manso lives in Barcelona but reaches cities all over the world. Follow her in her personal diary: @la_manso


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About us